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This year, bright stones, pearls, floral patches, sequins are the details that decorate the clothes profusely. So I got caught up in this wind and made a shiny patch on my black and white striped sweatshirt.
I bought myself a few sweatshirts when I went to Tuesday Market recently. I decided to use the colored embroidered patches I had previously received from Eminönü on one of these blouses. Both the patch and the striped blouse I bought at a very reasonable price would like to draw your bottom.
There were also patches that stuck with the ironing but I bought a non-adhesive patch, preferring to sew it. I fixed the patch on the sewing machine, and here’s my new blouse. It was simple but pleasant work.

It is an extremely good idea to make and wear dresses from tulips and scarves, especially in the summer months. We wanted to give you as much information as we can about cheesecloth dresses, to show you the way, to tell you how to make cheesecloth dresses, to give you information about cheesecloth dress models.

She sewed this dress to wear on a bathing suit at the beach. It seems to us to be a very pleasant dress to wear outside the beach. He used a cheesecloth with a pattern on blue. He curled one corner of the square-shaped cheesecloth 20 cm inwards and formed a tunnel. Tunnel, width 1 cm, means the part through which the biyen will pass. He curled the second piece the same way. He put two fabrics on top of each other. He left it 20 cm straight from the curled edges and then erected it right up to the bottom end. This is 20 cm, making up the arm span.

He bows his neck through the tunnels. She folded the end of the skirt and cut out the edge of the fabric 4 cm wide, 1 meter tall neck strap prepared. He drove it through the tunnel and used it to tie it on the side of the neck.

Isn’t she a great cheesecloth dress model? How easily that is done very often but are seen standing.

Cream lace girl’s dress.
As we prepared our elegant cream-colored French lace dress, we worked meticulously, thinking of the elegance and elegance of our daughters for our dress. We moved our dress with pearls on the collar and crystal stones on the waist. We completed the elegance with a floral brooch on the front. Flower colors can be changed on request. It was an elegant, swan-like dress.
Our dress model, which we aim to use on birthdays, weddings, henna, mevlüts and special occasions, will hopefully be an alternative idea for mothers who are in search. As the stone and flower decorations are not too extravagant, I think the cream lace girl dress is a dress model that can be used even on a casual basis on summer days.

Come easy to everyone…

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