Wachstuchtasche für den Strand nähen – Anleitung mit Tipps und Tricks

Wachstuchtasche für den Strand nähen – Anleitung mit Tipps und Tricks

What is the primary purpose of sewing? Yeah, sew something to wear, right? How happy it is to wear our own diktiklarımızı instead of the ones we bought at the store! Let’s go through our pages and see what clothes the women who can sew have sewn, let’s get inspired, Let’s learn, and then sew.

I told you about making a kid’s sweatshirt out of old pajamas. I made my son a sweatshirt out of a pair of pajama bottoms that I didn’t use, and the result was extremely insightful.
I used a model of sweatshirt that my son is already using as a mold.
If you have a machine, you can do this work much more quickly and easily. By watching the video I shot below, you can easily evaluate old clothes and sew new models with the written sewing recipe.

I’ll make an arm from the leg of your pajamas. Because I want the tire on the wrist to be the sleeve tire of my new sweatshirt.
I folded the side seams of the pajama so that they would overlap, and I put the arm of the existing sweatshirt on top of it and molded it, leaving the seam to cut the arm. I cut the other arm with a mold on the other leg.
It’s time to cut the body.
Since there are stitches in the middle of the front of the pajamas, we have to be very careful when taking the mold and cutting it, and we must have decided in advance how to make a model. You know, after the scissor hits, there’s no going back. 🙂
I’m gonna use the waistband for my new sweatshirt. So I put the sweatshirt I was using as a mold right in the middle of the pajama and cut it. I also cut the back body.
After I cut the body, I trimmed the arm parts with scissors and cut the collar.

Now it’s time for the cut pieces to be stitched together.
First we sew the side body and shoulders. We’re not stitching the sleeves up yet.
Once you’ve sewed up the body and shoulder parts, you’ll see that the sweatshirt is over the crust.
It’s time for the arms. First of all, we turn the arms we cut from the inside and sew them in. Then we connect the arms to the body part.

I pinned it under the arm through the middle sutures. The most important part is that the ends meet each other. I turned the body and arms upside down and pinned the middle of the arms and shoulders with a needle. Then I turned from the inside again and sewed the arms into the body. I ironed it before the collar, and finally I sewed it up by curling it up like a little bit inside. The result was as follows.

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